CERACM Project in Democratic Republic of Congo

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One of the priorities of our activity is the contribution to rural development in Africa using sustainable technologies. We have been working in West Africa for several years.
One of the countries where we are advancing the most is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country that has been plagued by wars in the past but is now in a situation of stability.
The DRC has 2.5 million km2, an extension equivalent to all Western Europe. In the interior of the country agriculture has hardly developed, despite the existence of immense suitable territories.

Our company is one of the promoters of the CERACM project, an initiative of a group of people and organizations aimed at promoting rural cooperativism in remote areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo and other West African countries.
CERACM's primary mission, regardless of religion and language, is the struggle against underdevelopment. Poverty is the epicenter of poverty. Therefore, the way to restore dignity and hope, especially among the most deprived, is the fight against poverty in all its forms. This is the leitmotiv of CERACEM.

General objectives
  1. Combat poverty and improve the general living conditions of the environment, especially the poor, the forgotten and the fragile (women, children, the elderly, excluded)
  2. Promote self-care of beneficiaries and encourage local initiatives.
  3. Make rural life, especially among young people, attractive and dignified, thus curbing their exodus
  4. Fight the false beliefs and damages of religious sects by working for a solid, balanced and enlightened Christian faith.

Specific objectives
  1. To offer animal proteins first to the deprived, then to the peasants; Fight for the human right and fundamental to life, going through the good and balanced diet.
  2. Through its system of sharecropping, to stimulate the efforts and the potentialities of the rural environment, to improve the feeding of this penny, to promote self-care and food self-sufficiency, to stop the exodus to the cities, Unemployment and poverty 
  3. Facilitate the growth and education of young people; Then combat delinquency and lack of self-esteem; Mentor and support women's initiatives (eg Les Tontines).
  4.   Fighting false beliefs and contributing to changing attitudes; Promote mutual aid, fraternal and peaceful cohabitation, Contribute to reducing conflicts.
  5. Contributing to the acquisition and construction of decent and acceptable housing.

Our Commitment

The optimization of our solutions is the FIRST of our priorities

We are looking for reliable solutions, high capacity and always looking for maximum competitiveness.

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